I believe in personalized and efficient client sessions. My one-on-one approach is all about working together to achieve your goals in a relaxed and natural way. Rather than rigid deliverables, I focus on dedicated time to address your top priorities and make meaningful progress.

If you're looking for a quick turnaround, have a clear vision, and love making confident decisions, my studio intensive option is the perfect fit. Let's collaborate, have fun, and bring your project to life in no time!

Studio Intensives Options

One Day Intensives - $1800

8 hours (with prior prep work) to focus on any design-related tasks that can be completed in that time frame. Examples can be a landing/sales page, brand collaterals, mini branding, or similar. Hours can be split over 2 consecutive days of 4 hours each.

One Week Intensives - $3500

~15-20 hours of design work (with prior prep work) over 1 week (usually Mon-Thur, with final delivery on Friday). Hours will be split up by 4-5 hour increments each day during the week. Examples of what we can accomplish are photography projects, Fundamental brand identity, multiple brand collaterals, website updates/add-on pages, showit template customization, or your endless to-do list.

Half Day Intensives - $950

 This includes 4 hours of design time. Examples can be implementing email marketing setups, additional work or changes to previous designs, website updates, social media content, or similar.

Things that can be done during Studio Intensives:

Landing/sales page
Brand collaterals
Fundamental Brand Identity
Showit Template Customization
Website updates/add-on pages
Email marketing setup
Social media content
and more...

Book Your Date!

To get started, get in touch and choose a day that works best for you. I'll send over a few questions and a proposal/payment offer. Once that's done, we'll schedule a kick-off call where we can discuss your priorities and get prepared for our session together

During our studio day, our primary focus is to complete as much as possible, starting with the top priorities on your list and working our way down. Effective communication is key to achieving the best results, so we'll be in close contact throughout the day. Quick responses from you are essential to ensuring our collaboration is efficient and effective. Together, we'll make the most of our time and create remarkable outcomes that align with your vision.

In order to make the most of our design day together, it's important to have all the necessary elements ready in advance. This includes preparing photos, copy, collateral dimensions, and any other relevant items. Materials are to be ready at least 3 days prior to our time together. 

Once our design day is wrapped up, providing you with two weeks of dedicated support. During this period, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or queries regarding your new brand or website. I'm here to assist you and offer guidance as needed.

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